Beginners Guide to Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning is the use of sound waves through the water to create microscopic implosions, detaching contaminants from surfaces, and the complex geometry of components. The imploding bubbles act like microscopic scrubbing brushes throughout the cleaning tank and eliminate dirt from all over the items and materials such as automobile parts, industrial parts, Jewellery, dental and lab equipment, etc far more adequately than most other methods. The Supersonics ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasound’s high frequencies to create movement in the liquid to remove contaminants from equipment surfaces.

What are the Benefits?

Wherever the water touches, within the ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic action is occurring. Ultrasonic cleaning immerses the items within a bath of water, allowing all areas of the item to be deep-cleaned.

Deep Cleaning the multiple items at once.

It is much easier to use a dishwasher rather than hand wash every item of crockery and cutlery. In a much similar way, multiple tools and implements can be cleaned together in an ultrasonic cleaner. Unalike the action of a dishwasher, ultrasonic baths help parts with crevices, hollows, and blind holes to acquire the same cleaning action as contented to reach surfaces.

At Supersonics, ultrasonic baths can be programmed so that at the touch of a button, each clean is exactly the same as the last. Do as we may, it is just impossible to replicate a thorough wash by hand every time. This is even more of an issue if you are depending on different members of staff to perform the task. You don't necessarily need to watch the ultrasonic bath do its job, you can leave smaller items to clean while you get on with disinfecting surfaces and other larger items, saving you time and money.

How does it work?

The technical process: Ultrasonic energy is introduced into the body of water via transducers, channeling vibrations into a tank through metal blocks. The vibration of the metal tank means the tank effectively releases ultrasonic energy into the body of water. This is the ultrasonic energy that produces the cleaning effect.

Ultrasonic Cavitation: The cleaning effect

The imploding bubbles in the water swiftly create high temperatures and pressures in a tiny space. When the implosions come into contact with the submerged item, the cavitation bubbles act like microscopic scrubbing brushes all over the cleaning tank, separating dirt without necessarily requiring chemicals. The action is so minuscule that it provides a highly effective but gentle clean, avoiding the damage that can be caused when scrubbing items just by hand.

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine (Aqueous Based)

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