SUPERSONICS is a leading manufacturer and marketer of wide range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines and Vapor Degreasing Systems. With a variety of Ultrasonic cleaning solution and Vapor cleaning devices, modular and customized cleaning equipment, we serve a wide range of Industries and markets.

"We provide you with the perfect solution for your ultrasonic cleaning application"

Our commitment to quality and customer service is driven by constant research and development of new technologies in the field of Ultrasonic Cleaning. All aimed towards supplying highest quality and guaranteed, most reliable, efficient systems. We are becoming one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in this field.

Quality is, when the customers return, and not the product. To maintain the best quality, we manufacture ultrasonic systems using quality material and perform thorough ultrasonic testing to ensure maximum machinery efficiency.

Along with perfect and hassle-free installation of the equipment, you can be rest assured about the service and maintenance of cleaning system (of any brand). We have a dedicated team for this based in Mumbai as well as our team also provides scheduled maintenance visits and training wherever needed. With right spare parts in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, we can respond to quality defects immediately.

In-order to meet the special requirements of every industrial sector in an optimum way, we are in collaboration with Italian based company M/s. ILSA. It is a dynamic company which has a wealth knowledge and technical support team in the field of Hermetic Metal Degreasing Systems. Their machine's reliability, specification and performance characteristics are benefiting many companies worldwide.

We are also in collaboration with Switzerland based company M/s. ASCO. It is a provider of complete Co2 and Dry Ice solutions with customers worldwide. Their product range includes Dry Ice Blasting Units, Dry Ice Production Machines, Co2 production & recovery plants and various other Co2 & Dry Ice Equipment. ASCO product profile is based on the expertise of over 130 years of practice in the field of Co2 & Dry Ice.

Supersonics, was founded by Mr. Prashant Vanjare & Mrs. Tanuja Vanjare way back in 1980. Since then, they have led Supersonics on the path to success through focussed innovation and implementation of latest technology.

Our Current Goals:
Popularizing and promoting ultrasonic products, improving the quality of modern life for people. Expand our current facility into a futuristic advanced manufacturing unit. Increase the efficiency and productivity of staff and develop a strong organization structure. Provide immediate After Sales service nationwide. Focus on Product Development to match Global Standards. Build a relation with manufacturers world-wide to give one stop solution with multiple options to any of our customer's cleaning requirement.
Our Future Goals:
To become a world class market leader globally in our target industry. Operating Independently & Worldwide for Before & After Sales. To be characterized by innovative strength and an uncompromising commitment to quality.
Our Values:
Work with Consistency, Positive attitude, Passion, Honesty & Respect. Make a sustainable contribution to our society. Provide best quality products and excellent before & after sales services to each and every customers of ours. Dream BIG & Work Passionately to achieve it.