Standard configuration
Treatment chamber with ultrasound arrangement
Automatic loading door
Rotating/rocking device with inverter
Manual baskets upper closing
Nr. 2 solvent tanks
Distillation unit
Blades vacum pump
Distiller pump for sludge recirculation and discharge
Storage tank for distilled oil (7 lt)
Hydraulic circuit fully stainless steel
Chips filter 200 micron
InLine solvent heater
Pressure lateral flow
Computer SIEMENS S7-1200 + TP700 touch screen 7''
Ethernet / Router for remote connection
Integrated electric heating
Totally closed panels
Solvent safety tray

Technical data
Loading dimensions mm (LxPxH) 660x960x400
Loading volume lt 250
Loading capacity kg 400
Chamber volume lt 800
Machine dimensions mm (LxPxH) 4000x2400x3410

Big baskets solution

Fine filter on solvent sending
High efficient ultra-sound with TITANIUM transducers
Additional chips filter
Basket automatic upper closing
Plug&Play configuration
Spray pump for protective application
Additional tank for protective application (immersion)
Nr 2 Electric roller blind in aluminum on the back
Articulated support for PLC panel
Bar-Code reader and data storage software
Special colour
Fix manual roller unit
Water chiller
Pressure lateral flow with additional pump