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1. Ultrasonic Single Stage Cleaner

This consists of a single tank with the required number of transducers to generate the required power for cleaning. Where the quantity of components required to be cleaned is less or it has to be done batchwise these type of systems are used. These systems are popular in the Jewellery industries (smaller capacities), electroplating industries (larger capacities) etc. They can be either the tank and generator separate type or the compact type wherein the generator and the tank will be enclosed in a single housing. This section also includes the table type model of ultrasonic machines which are very widely used for R & D purposes in scientific labs, for cleaning gold and silver ornaments at home, for printer heads, small pcb’s of electronic appliances, dental instruments, slides and test tubes in pathological labs and many more.

Table Type Digital ModelCompact ModelTank And Generator Separate

2. Ultrasonic Multistage Cleaner

This range of systems are used where multiple stages of cleaning is required to done on any particular components. These systems are either aqueous based or solvent based. They can be with or without ultrasonic. The components are loaded in a basket by the operator and placed in the different stages for cleaning. The baskets are manually removed and transferred to the other stages for further cleaning. These machines are either manual, semi automatic or fully automatic. Typical applications of these systems are for cleaning of bearings and its housings, gears, sprockets, valves and many many more.

3. Ultrasonic Immersible Pad

From the title we come to know that the unit can be used for Immersion purposes. In this the transducers are enclosed in a leak proof stainless steel casing and is immersed in the tank containing the cleaning solution. These units are popular in industries where continuous online cleaning takes place as also where the jobs are huge and the tanks for accommodating these jobs are large ones. In such huge jobs cases, the no. of transducers to be bonded to the tank is also more and its difficult to maintain the same.

Ultrasonic Immersible Pad IUltrasonic Immersible Pad II

4. Ultrasonic Vapour Degreasing System

Where the degree of contamination is minimal, and the no. of items to be cleaned are more; Vapour Degreasers are the best option…

Solvent degreasing involves the exposure of a work piece to pure solvent vapors released by a boiling solvent. The work piece is usually suspended in the vapors just above the boiling solvent. When the warm vapors touch the comparatively cool work piece, a condensing action occurs which dissolves the contamination and flushes it away as it runs off the part.

Solvent degreasers are used for removal of oil, grease, wax and other stubborn solvent-soluble soils from electrical and electronic subassemblies, intricate metal and plastic parts, and a wide variety of other materials prior to assembly, inspection or further processing.

5. Vapour Degreasing System

6. Automatic PLC based walking beam type material handling system

7. Tailor made automatic cleaning system

8. ‘Ilsa’ Europe make Hermetic Cleaning System – Please visit www.ilsa.it

9. Asco make Dry Ice blasting machine – Please visit www.ascoco2.com

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