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The ultrasonic process involves a stainless steel tank, an ultrasonic generator, Piezo electric transducers and the cleaning media.

A normal electrical frequency of 50Hz 230 Volts is converted to very high ultrasonic frequency. The electrical energy from the power supply is converted to mechanical energy through the Piezo electric transducers mounted (bottom or side) on the stainless steel tank and transmitted to the cleaning media in the tank in the form of ultrasonic waves.

This ultrasound creates high and low pressure zones in the liquid. In the low pressure phase, microscopic bubbles are formed in vaccum form. These vacuum bubbles get compressed and eventually collapse and burst. The action of collapsing of these bubbles is known as cavitation and occurs thousands of times every second to quickly produce clean parts. As they collapse, they release a significant amount of energy creating an intense scrubbing action, which is effective on visible surfaces as well as small crevices and even blind holes, removing dirt and grime within seconds. There is also a rise in temperature during the explosion, which is around 5000 degrees Celsius. This is roughly the temperature of the sun.

The frequencies used for ultrasonic cleaning range from 20,000 cycles per second or kilohertz (KHz) to over 100,000 KHz. The most commonly used frequencies for industrial cleaning are those between 20 KHz and 50KHz. Frequencies above 50KHz are more commonly used in small tabletop ultrasonic cleaners such as those found in jewelry stores and dental offices.

The transducers used for the generation of the ultrasonic waves is an assembly of two Piezo electric ceramics bonded between metal parts and secured by a bolt.

These transducers are either bonded to the walls of the tank (bottom, sides or on all sides) or they are concealed in a stainless steel casing for immersion into the tank containing cleaning liquid.

Advantages of Ultrasonic:

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning is Fast and Consistent
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning is Safe and Effective
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning is Cost Effective
  • Ultrasonic cleans the surface and cavities without scratching, brushing or scraping.
  • Even the most complex geometry objects such as fissures and blind holes can be completely cleaned.
  • Ultrasonic takes very short time for cleaning, normally it takes a few seconds to clean objects.
  • Ultrasonic is very simple and easy to handle. Concentration of chemicals required for Ultrasonic is less than in conventional cleaning.
  • The complete cleaning cycle can be automated, giving higher efficiency and reproducibility of the cleaned component.
  • The laborious and non-popular manual work is converted into a pleasant experience with ultrasonic.

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